Monday, April 20, 2009

A citizen's job may moral / issue / ideological purity; but that is NOT the job of the President.

It utterly blows my mind how the "Progressives,"  "Activists,"  "Liberals..." that worked to get President Obama elected now rip him apart.

The stupidity, the irresponsibility of ripping the President apart for not taking ideologically pure positions; for not always representing one constituency and not another BLOWS MY MIND.   Do we know anything about sailing?  What we are doing to President Obama is just as stupid, destructive and maybe even suicidal as ripping a Captain for not sailing directly into the wind to get to our desired destination.

The President's job is to work for the Country, ALL of HerHis Constituents, in the direction, and at the speed that is best for ALL; but that will not either rip apart the Country, Leave constituents behind, or result in a train wreck. 

What father, what mother that is any good is ideologically pure, steamrolling the individual wants, desires and beliefs of herhis family?  The bad parent does this.  The wacko.  So it is with the Leader of a Democracy.

We destroyed Jesus, then Gandhi, then King.  God is done with us if we do it a 4th time.